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I’m Now Selling on Etsy!

I’ve just opened a shop on Etsy where I am now selling hand-crafted journals and notebooks. Last year I sold some books here, and started investigating selling online, but unfortunately I got rather sidetracked. However, having done a little research recently, it is clear Etsy is the best place to sell online. I’m still finding my way around and will need to work to get it noticed, but it looks as if that is the place to be. Please pass on the news to anyone who may be interested.






I’m now selling notebooks and journals online

bks all

I have just added a page to this site where I am offering a variety of blank notebooks and journals for sale, most of them with quite creative covers. Some of these are books I bound a couple of years ago and have not got down to promoting. But some are also more recent creations, as I want to explore doing more of this sort of work if there is an outlet for it. I will probably eventually move them to another online shop, but for the time being I am selling them on this site. The prices may also be somewhat on the low side, but at the moment I’d like to see if they sell and move some stock.

Update: The page is down until further notice.

Something original

I haven’t posted on here recently because of the demands of trying to establish a business and also the fact that much of my recent work has not been terribly original. I’ve realised that I’ll have to keep this blog for rather exceptional things, rather than run of the mill work.

However, this is a book that I bound recently as a gift. It incorporates an original water colour painting that my father did shortly before his death just over  year ago. I’d asked him to experiment with some small paintings and he’d sent them to me, but I hadn’t got down to doing anything with them until recently. I think that I’m going to keep the rest of them for special personal projects. But it does give an example of the sort of things that one can do with original artworks.


Leather and collage

This is a book that was commissioned as a gift. It is half bound in leather (but with a side rather than a corner half-binding) and a collage cover. The headbands are from leather and the end pages from handmade paper. I must say that I am rather pleased with it…

Liturgy of St John Chrysostom

This is a somewhat provisional book. I mentioned previously that one of the advantages of having priest who is pioneering the translation of Orthodox liturgical texts into Afrikaans is that it presents unique opportunities for bookbinding. This book is the text of the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom that is used on the altar. Until now the loose pages have been in a ring file with plastic pockets for the variable texts, but these tend to reflect the light, so I have placed frames made from handmade paper on the blank pages for inserting loose sheets of variable texts. Unfortunately these are not evenly spread throughout the book and so the book block tends to be rather irregular and I have since thought of a better way to minimize this. I was also planning to do an embroidered icon for the cover, but simply don’t have time at the moment. So, instead of making this a very drawn out job I have bound the book with a simple cover (with a sunken icon print and brown linnen) and will hopefully produce a better designed book with a more elaborate cover at a later stage.

Prayer Books

One of my recent projects has been binding some photocopied volumes of A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers, originally published by the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius. I was asked to do a copy for a gift and so did some more in two different versions, one with an embossed leather edition, and the other a cloth edition with a sunken icon of the Transfiguration on the cover.

Although I’m open to taking orders for these (we apparently do have permission to reproduce them) I’m not planning to promote them in a big way, but will rather wait until we are ready to produce our own locally edited version.

Belated market update

I’ve been neglecting this blog again, but wanted to post these photos of my stall at the Rondebosch Crafters’ Market three weeks ago. The market went well for the first time and there was wonderful with weather with a beautiful view of Devil’s Peak. But it did leave me rather exhausted and needing to focus on other things after that. Anyway, I plan to continue having a stall there on the second Saturday of every month.